Long tribal print leggings in cotton lycra. They adjust to the waist or hips with a comfortable elastic band. It has a beautiful detail made with the block print technique, which consists of painting and adorning cotton garments with natural inks using a hand-carved wooden block. Each of them has a nice contrast to highlight the drawing. You have it available in two sizes so don’t forget to check the size guide to find out which of the two will best suit you.

SKU: DWJ21027
Categories: Clothes for women, Natural and Organic clothes, Pants, Woman
Material:Made with 100% cotton lycra of very good quality, which allows the garment not to lose its shape with washing and to be more durable.
Made in: India.

Do you need help to know what your size is?
We have prepared a guide with some standard measurements to help you choose your size when placing your order. Please note that these measurements are approximate. Take your time before deciding and if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.
Size recommendation:S/M choose this size if you are between 36-38. M/L will fit you if you are between a 40-42

Wash natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cool cycle.

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