High boot made of top quality leather. It has several leather closures to be able to close it and with the straps you will adjust it to the size of your leg. The total height of the boot is approximately 40cm. It has a nice and original design. The sole is made from recycled rubber. They are very comfortable and flexible.

SKU: BWT17-1
Categories: Boots, Shoes
Material:Handmade leather boots.
Made in: Morocco.
Do you need help to know what your size will be?
We have prepared a guide with some standard measurements to help you choose your size when placing your order. Please note that these measurements are approximate. Take your time before deciding and if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.
Apply a layer of colorless shoe cream to waterproof the shoe and prevent moisture from affecting it. That way you will always make it look clean and the skin is hydrated.

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