Long skirt that combines wool and cotton. You have the possibility of wearing it in different gathered ways thanks to the straps and the metallic closures that it has to tie it and give it volume. It has a first layer of wool which you can pick up with the closures or leave it loose and another plain cotton interior with different strips to tie it. The elastic waist at the back allows it to fit your size, so it is one size fits all. Ideal to wear with a cotton T-shirt or a short wool sweater.

SKU: DW2204
Categories: Clothes for women, Cotton/lycra skirts, Urban & Alternative clothes, Woman
Material: 100% acrylic wool made with different types of fibers such as rayon and viscose. Unlike natural wool, which can cause itching, this fabric does not produce any reaction on the skin and is very soft to the touch. and durable.
Made in: India.
Do you need help to know what your size is?
We have prepared a guide with some standard measurements to help you choose your size when placing your order. Please note that these measurements are approximate. Take your time before deciding and if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.
Size recommendation:It will be perfect if you are between an S and an XL since it has rubber at the waist. It has a length of 90-100cm. (Depends on how you tie it)
Wash natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cool cycle.

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