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• Dressed with a 360 degree flare.
• Held around the neck by two straps and a strapless chest gathered in the center.
• The front part is shorter with a length of 50 cm and the longest part is approximately 120 cm.
• On the back it has an elastic band to adjust it.

SKU: DSR20059
Categories: Clothes for women
Material: 100% rayon.
Made in: India.
Do you need help to know what your size is?
We have prepared a guide with some standard measurements to help you choose your size when placing your order. Please note that these measurements are approximate. Take your time before deciding and if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.
Size recommendation: According to our table of measurements, you will be fine if you are between S -XL.
Wash natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle .

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