Preserving traditions and supporting tribal crafts

We started this adventure 15 years ago while traveling, finding wonderful lands and people who captivated us with their arts


As an alternative fashion brand,we aim to create unique, tribal and long-lasting collections every  season. Unlike conventional fashion, Arabesque clothing is designed to last, both in style and quality, and to break with the established.                                                                                 It is clothing made for those who feel forever young in spirit, willing to express themselves freely and connect with the earth and the universe.

At Arabesque we take care of the details while paying special attention to comfort and practicality. Simple and unique designs.

The fabrics are mostly stretch cotton lycra for our more urban collections combining studs, uneven cuts and special washes. This will favor any shape and thanks to its good quality it will never lose its shape. Rayon for lovers of the Boho style adorned with lace, ruffles and prints and finally, our most ethnic and tribal side with frayed cottons in earth tones.

We are very grateful to be able to live this life. To be able to meditate, create and grow. Our goal is to share this awareness with everything and everyone around us in life. Be optimistic, creative and shine the light of love that is always here and now.

As a company we also want to focus on the well-being of all those who work with us and that without them we could not make this dream come true. That is why our productions are handmade and limited, they are not on a large scale and that in many cases they are slow to manufacture. But if we want to preserve the labor rights of all these people, we must respect their times and let them flow with the times that they indicate and that they need.

We know all those responsible for each of the workshops we work with and each link in the chain, thus guaranteeing that no child intervenes in the manufacturing process and that each worker enjoys a decent salary and good working conditions.

We also believe in and support responsible consumption that helps our planet. The throwaway philosophy is making a terrible impact so quality and timeless design are a fundamental part of Arabesque.


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